A Typical Day at IBEX

view from the Moshav

This morning I woke up and spent time in God’s Word and prayer looking out to the Judean Hill Country. Even further in the distance you can see Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. This is the view from the Moshav we live on, it is about 20 minutes west of Jerusalem. From here I went to breakfast in the restaurant that is on the Moshav and had an 8am and a 10:30am class. After class was lunch followed by studying and homework. Then I got invited by my boss(I work in the library 3 days a week) and prayer group leader(Becky) to go to a Israeli football game, so I agreed, surprised that they even knew what football was here. I went with 3 other students to Jerusalem “football” stadium(because it was actually a soccer field that was turned into a football field. After paying 20 sheckles, I gained entrance into a game I thought was out of place in Israel. It was different than American football in a few ways. One, there was no extra point. Also, the following was a lot smaller than the NFL. This WAS Israel’s national football teams, but there were as many fans there as you would normally see at an American high school football game. The football players wore prayer shawls with there uniforms and yamicas under their helmets. However, it was entertaining nevertheless. There was a concession stand which I got hot chocolate(it was a little chilly) and a lot of people their spoke English(except for some of the fans who were cheering and singing songs in Hebrew).

with a Jewish football player

the field was funded by the owner of the New England Patriots

at the football game

player with his prayer shawls(on his left hip)

sitting in class


eating lunch in the resturant

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