Jewish Thoughts About Exodus 35-38

Thought’s about my reading of commentators of this passage(Exodus 35:1-38:20)…

This week’s Torah portion sums up the direction God gives His people for building the Tabernacle. Four chapters in Exodus go into all the details in including who is going to build it, what materials, where the certain things in the tabernacle go, and so forth. The bible and commentator explains the many curtains: curtain for the screen, screen for the gate of the court, and entrance screen. All of these curtains show just how holy God is. What an amazing thing it is that Gentiles, of all people, through grace, can approach the holy of holies, by the blood of the Lamb. We can have a relationship and talk to a holy God, how humbling is that! In the Old Testament, sacrifices of spotless animals were done in order for the sins of the people be placed on the animal to be killed in order to pay for the penalty of sin. Now we can approach the holy of holies through the One spotless Lamb who bore the sin of man once and for all. He died for our sins so that we might live and have a right relationship with Him. I am so undeserving of His love; a King’s love so great that he would die for a person like me.

One thing the article on the Torah said was, “God speaks to us through His people, since there is no tabernacle and holy temple. There is a trace of God in each and every one of us and it is that Godliness which reaches out and communicates to us.” Biblically speaking, this is wrong. We know that men are fallen, so how can we take what comes out of his mouth to be divine? Now, God’s new community has the Holy Spirit, God’s presence, living inside of them; however, they still struggle with their flesh, so cannot be counted as heavenly message carriers. How does God speak you ask? Well, in the simplest way, through His Word. The Bible is how God speaks to His people; His infallible and true Word spoke to His people thousands of years ago and still speaks to us in the 21st century. The tabernacle and Temple may be done away with, but those have been saved by Jesus Christ can come enter into the holy of holies by Jesus Christ’s blood and can hear His voice through the Holy Bible.


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