A Reverence for the Perfect Sacrifice

First off, in the Torah reading, a commentator noted that, “There is nothing more sacred than our divinely given torah-the very words of God.” Today the Western Church has a low view of God.  The American Church does not view God’s word as a precious treasure, but as a book, which is dusty in the corner of their home. We have lost our fear for the Lord and a reverence for His holy Word.

The Torah reading came from Leviticus 1:1- 5:26 where all the burnt offerings and the grain offerings were explained and mentioned. We see that a burnt offering which was also called “olah” was the smoke and flames of the sacrifice and occurred before the sacred meal. This offering was known as an “attraction” and a gift to God and was a pleasant aroma to Him. Looking at the commentary and the Bible passage, the consequence for sin was a gruesome penalty. I wish the Christian church today had the same disdain for sin as Jewish people do. The reason the Jewish people make so many other laws is so they don’t violate the Ten Commandments. They “fence in” the Ten Commandments to stay far away from sinning as they possibly can. In the Church today, people question how close to sin they can get before it is called sinning, how sad that we have missed the point. Sin is so repulsive to the Lord that He made the Israelites slaughter pure sacrifices and to place the sins of the people on that sacrifice, so they will be forgiven. The sad thing is that the Israelites had a number of sacrifices and had to do them at least once a year in order to be “cleansed of their sin”. However, to be forgiven by the animal sacrifice meant they were “sprinkled with water” and cleansed; once they sinned again they had to kill another sacrifice. But hallelujah for Jesus Christ, the perfect sacrifice who once and for all paid for our sin on the cross, we no longer need animal sacrifice, for the blood of Christ has not only cleansed us of our sin, but has made us white as snow. Now when God looks at us, He sees the righteousness of Christ, our sin is cast away from His eyes as far as the east is from the west. Thank God for the perfect Lamb He has sent!


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